Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So far my journey is going well. I am still hearing from many regarding my public admission of obesity and actually...I'm still shocked that so many have responded so positively. I received a beautiful text message from my son's girlfriend and messages from people I never thought would take the time to respond and that really touched me.

I had a proud moment yesterday. I left work and went home saying I would walk at home as my boss wasn't walking today due to a commitment and it looked like rain. I got home, sat down on the couch and told myself....forget it...I walked yesterday...I'll wait until tomorrow. innerself decided I should get my fat rump off the couch and go walk so I went to our back garage to the treadmill and proceeded to start walking. At first I said to myself that I would only do 1/2 of of three miles but as it ended up, I persevered and walked over three miles in 60 minutes at a very sturdy pace. As I finished, I realized that my shirt was soaking wet! That is a first for me!!!

I felt proud and good about myself for not listening to my lazy side.

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