Monday, July 21, 2008

Short Term Goal and Long Term

This week I was given another reason to lose weight. My daughter, Jessie, became engaged. There will be a wedding on March 20th, 2009 if all goes as planned. I guess we could call this a short term goal and a long term one as it is a way off but actually only a short way from how long it is going to take me to reach a decent weight.

O.K...March 20th....where do I want to be? That is 8 months away.

I could play it safe and say that I would like to lose between 25 to 35 pounds by that time. I know I can do it. Put it this short term goal is to fit in a dress at least two sizes smaller than my daughter's wedding in May 2006 which was a size 24 and I probably wouldn't fit in it today. Wow....I'm being open today but I am desperate.

I'm off to write down what I had for breakfast!


Week 13 is here and not one person has asked where I have been during week 12. Well...I wish you would have asked as I have been on a continual downward spiral into weight loss hell! I have been totally negligent and out of control. I have not been walking but have been eating. Why? Lazy......thinking...oh I'll do it tomorrow.....I can give you every excuse in the book but none of them are worth a nickel.

As a result, I have gained 1/2 pound which is not much over two weeks but that puts me up 2.5 pounds from my lowest but down 8 pounds from when I started 13 weeks ago. Still ahead but could have been better. the future......don't think I will be upset if you ask me why I haven't posted. I NEED you to ask me. This is why I went public with this battle.

Monday, July 7, 2008


This week I again remained the same although I do not know how I pulled that one off. I have not walked at all due to either rain, mosquitos or my boss being out of town and not being here to nag me. He is on his way back today and we have committed to walking today and getting back on track for me.

No...I have not written down either so I'm going right now to begin for today.

How easy one can get off track and let things fall to the wayside.