Monday, July 21, 2008


Week 13 is here and not one person has asked where I have been during week 12. Well...I wish you would have asked as I have been on a continual downward spiral into weight loss hell! I have been totally negligent and out of control. I have not been walking but have been eating. Why? Lazy......thinking...oh I'll do it tomorrow.....I can give you every excuse in the book but none of them are worth a nickel.

As a result, I have gained 1/2 pound which is not much over two weeks but that puts me up 2.5 pounds from my lowest but down 8 pounds from when I started 13 weeks ago. Still ahead but could have been better. the future......don't think I will be upset if you ask me why I haven't posted. I NEED you to ask me. This is why I went public with this battle.

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Harry Everhart said...

I've been following your journey. I know you are a dedicated person and you will get back in the swing. You have a lovely pool. How about swimming some laps? Go Cissy!