Friday, August 21, 2009


As many of you remember, I have discussed many of the trainers in Boot Camp. I have told you of their personalities and caring. Ariel Concepcion, known as “Rico”, Nestor Villageliu and Oshun Marcella have been the main trainers and my strong support trio.

Rambo Rico, is the trainer who pushes me to my extreme most limits and has a loud, wild way about him. You can hear Rico a mile away and he needs no megaphone. Rico’s devilish smile runs from ear to ear and I believe Rico gets high on seeing me in pain! The more pain I show, the more he pushes me further. You look at his face and just know that he is thinking ahead to another sadistic way that he can try this fat woman’s body. As I stated before, I hated Rico the first two weeks and did not think I would ever go back voluntarily to his class. Slowly, his loudness and methods grew on me. I like the fact that if the group was going to run two miles, he expected me to at least complete the two miles whether speed walking or running. I was not exempt and I appreciated his strong support of my efforts. He was the coach who always had the others cheering for me. Sweet sadistic Rico!

Nasty Nestor used to be called the Youngster by me because of his sweet young age. I have since changed his name as his work-outs are nasty and like Rico, he is always pushing my body to places it hasn’t been in years. Nestor is constantly bullying and taunting me in a way that I just love. “Doris. Are you going to let me beat you? Are you going to give up?” He waits to hear me swear in my Boot Camp language, “frick and frack and frick and frack” because he then knows that he is pushing me hard. In the pool during class I will see these little beady eyes pop up out of the water staring at me. Yep…Nasty Nestor! It was in Nasty Nestor’s session of mountain climber exercises that I pulled the muscle in my leg and had to go to the hospital. You would think his guilt would eat away at him but he keeps threatening me with more mountain climbers! Sweet young boy!

Oshun is the only woman trainer in the group. Oshun’s workouts are more involved with core and balance as well as aerobics. I was well into my sessions of Boot Camp before I met Oshun. At first, I did not think I could adjust to her exercise routines and really did not think I would continue in her classes as I was used to Rambo Rico and Nasty Nestor. After several sessions with her, I fell into sync and really felt at ease in her classes. Did she push me? Yes. I feel like I have made a very strong connection with Oshun. She has made me face many obstacles that have brought me to tears because she made me confront many many years worth of fears that a 54 year old obese woman had suppressed. My last breakthrough was in her last class. For the first time since I started the Boot Camp process in January, I was able to balance in positions that I could never hold before. I shocked myself and it was hard for me to believe that I was actually doing it. Picture me standing there crying over being able to balance! I often say in class, “For the record, please note that I am doing this.” because I often don’t believe it myself! It may just be a “woman thing” but I feel that Oshun cares about my entire self. She makes me feel like I can do anything and should darn well try. She makes this woman feel like she wants to fight her way out of the fat cocoon that encases her soul. Sweet, sensitive Oshun!

Summer Y Train has ended and I now have a few weeks between Boot Camps. These weeks are always hard for me but this time, I have the added stress of having to make a choice regarding Boot Camp. This 54 year old obese woman does not like to be presented with choices. I like things planned and orderly and this is causing great pain.

My support trio is breaking up. You see, Oshun is leaving the YMCA. She has taken a position with Schnebly’s Winery where she will probably do some healthy cooking as well as run a Warriors of Wine Boot Camp. This is a wonderful move for her and a great addition to Schnebly’s. Now I have to decide where to continue and my heart is stretching me like Gumby in two different directions.

Living west out by the Everglades, I can easily make it to Schnebly’s to exercise and home to shower prior to work. Maybe I can take my wine glass with me and get my free glass of wine every day also! Never thought of that perk till now!

On the other hand, the YMCA was there to accept this 54 year old obese woman into their Boot Camp Program and made me feel welcome and comfortable. The entire staff, from Anna, the receptionist who greets me at 5:30 a.m. to the lifeguards, everyone makes me feel like I am cared for. I am still aiming to be a poster girl for the Y and not just the fat lady before shot!
What will I do? I have to make a choice by next week and I’ll let you know but there is something I need to tell you all.

Boot Camp registration is taking place now. Don’t think you can’t do it. Get up off your chair and make the move. I am a 54 year old woman who is well over 100 pounds overweight and have lived a sedentary lifestyle but I am proud to say that I have just completed my fourth Boot Camp. If I can do it, you have no excuse!

The new session of Boot Camp will begin at the YMCA on September 9th, 2009.

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