Monday, September 8, 2008

Week 19...missed .......Week 18 - I'm a Loser!

Week 18 I did not get time to report in. I stayed the same that week.

Week 19 - I am down 2 pound making it 9.5 pounds lost so far. .5 pounds away from being the lowest I've been since starting this mission. .5 is promissing as I had fallen off the wagon for a while but lately it seems to be easier to get my head back in the game and being that close now will give me a goal to break.

Losing weight is a mental game. My head has to be in it in order to lose. I also know that the only way I can lose is through a lifestyle change such as Weight Watchers and not through one fad diet after another. I have to be able to eat whatever I want but know my limits and control portions.

My goal for this week is to start exercising again. I have not done any exercising in a while and today my boss and I are going to start to walk again after work. We have had one excuse after the other.....heat....rain, etc. I miss it and I noticed that when I was walking, it was much easier to bend, get on the floor with my grandson, etc. so I have to do it. I also started writing down what I eat so hopefully I can make a full week of writing. I've been trying to do it over the past several weeks but don't last more than 2 or 3 days.

I also continue to love my new drink container and this has probably helped me to lose weight this week as I always carry it with me and it stays cold. Here's a picture. It is marked with ounces and milliliters, has a pop up straw, doesn't leak and has a convenient metal clip to clip to my purse or whatever.

Well...until next week!

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