Monday, June 16, 2008

Week 8 - Up Up and Away...

I must say that it is getting easier to stick to my new lifestyle. Notice I did not say that dreaded four letter word...."diet". I don't like that word as most of it consists of the term "die". The way I look at it now is that I am not on a diet but rather I have made a lifestyle change. That isn't to say I have not eaten fattening things. One day this week I did treat myself and I had pasta but I have learned that one day does not destroy me like before. If I ate something I shouldn't have in the past, I would say...oh well screwed up and I would continue to eat without thinking of what I put in my mouth because after all, I already screwed up. That's where....I'll start my diet next week...would take over only the weeks would mount up and I would never start.

This week I did not walk as much as I would have preferred to because of weather and I also did not do water aerobics on Saturday morning as I wasn't feeling great but I still managed to lose.............1.5 pounds....which puts me past what I had lost since I started and backslid for 3 pounds.

My total weight loss to date on week 7 is 10.5 pounds. Not an earth shattering number for 8 weeks but it is 10.5 pound not gained!

Thanks again to those of you who are encouraging me....especially my Scale Stomper buddies....(I'll explain them later).

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