Saturday, February 7, 2009


Today was my mid-way weigh in for Boot Camp. We were also measured. In the four week period that I have been attending Boot Camp, I have lost 11 pounds and lost inches all over except my chest. I am so thrilled because I can really feel the inches and didn't think I had lost that much weight. I guess the pain and soreness has been worth it.

I have gone down one size in my shirts so far. I am no longer a 3X-4X but a good 2X now. My pants...24/26 are looser and hopefully soon I will move down a size there also.

I have never admitted it but will of my first weigh in, I weighed in at 294 on their scale. Today it read 283 and I am happy with that number as the trainers said we may not lose a lot at first as we are building muscle.

Even though the weight and inches are great, the biggest thing that I am proud of it the fact that I have not quit, I do not take short cuts, I run like everyone else in the group and I am determined.

More updates to come!

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