Monday, January 26, 2009


O.K...never give up is my motto.....I have not posted here since September and I have been in Weight Watcher hell!

On January 10th, I began a new journey....not just diet...but a commitment to something that I am proud I even went so far as to commit to.

On January 10th I signed up and weighed in for Boot Camp at our local YMCA. What is even more exciting is that I did it by friends in class with me...just me to be responsible to get there and do it.

Today started my third week of Boot Camp. We are encouraged not to get on the scale as you gain weight first and I have not but I know it is doing nothing but good. I have time slots where I can choose to attend. I can go from 6 to 7 a.m., 10 to 11 am or 6:30 to 7:30 pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I have basically stuck to the pm class led by Ricco and Mikey. Let me tell you....Mikey may sound cute but he is a former drill sargeant and a slave drive and Ricco is just as bad. Our evening consists of heavy duty work-outs in the parking lot of the Y. Running sprints....jogging....lunges....running with name it. If you forget your dog tag in any class, you are punished.

On Martin Luther King Day I tried out the 10 a.m. class led by Judy. Judy is a sweetie and very helpful. We did a spinning class and I was just happy that when I got off the bike the seat wasn't stuck in my crack!!!! LOL! I did pretty good and then we also did elastic bands.

From today forward I have to attend the 6 a.m. class on Mondays. Yes....6 a.m! This means I got up at 5 a.m. and left my house at 5:30. Got to the gym and this morning class is led by a lady named O'Shaun (sp?). O'Shaun was great also. Don't screw up because then everyone has to do 10 more push ups! We did ball tosses, sprints, lunges, band work, frog hops, leg lifts, etc. I finished class and got a shower there in COLD water as we live too far away from the Y and I had to get to class. I did feel good today after exercising but I will probably fall asleep early.

My muscles ache....I keep finding body parts that I did not know I had but it is a good thing. I have been watching my diet along with the exercise so I am hoping for some good results.

We don't get weighed in again until the following Saturday as it is an 8 week session and we get weighed in the beginning, middle and end. I'm hoping for some great results or I'll die trying!

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