Monday, December 7, 2009

YMCA Changes Our Lives! 34TH STORY

During our lifetime, so many people walk in and out of our lives. Some stay for short times and others for lifetimes. The people who have walked in and out of my life have affected me emotionally and physically.

Since I have begun the YMCA Boot Camp one year ago in January, many new people have walked into my life. I have written about the recruits and trainers who have changed my life forever. There are other people as well who I have gotten to know. The receptionist at the YMCA, Anna, is there to greet me every morning. Charlotte Donn from the Miami office of the YMCA makes me feel like I have known her forever. I would have missed so much if I had not gotten off of the couch and joined the YMCA Boot Camp.

The YMCA is an ever changing organization. It emulates our lives with people who walk in and out of our every day lives. There have been a few people who have left the organization over the past year. David Cruz was the membership and Wellness Director when I started. David was a great asset to the YMCA. He would take the time to visit during Boot Camp sessions and talk to the recruits. He came out of his office and was always seen out and about on the premises, not behind a desk. He encouraged me. David left the YMCA to continue his education and he is missed. I haven’t heard from David since he left the YMCA, but I am so thankful that he walked into my life.

Oshun, one of the trainers from the YMCA also left to pursue other goals. As you may recall, I was doing a Warrior of Wine Boot Camp at Schnebly’s with Oshun, but now she has moved on to pursue her main love in life, cooking. She is a fantastic chef who specializes in healthy gourmet cuisine and using what we grow locally. The Oshun Movement ( is a great company and offers so much. I have been doing personal training with Oshun, but with the holidays, coming, etc., I am finding that it is difficult to continue for the time being, but I am not quitting. Oshun has been my biggest cheerleader. She pushes me to no end, but then again, I have to be pushed. I am so thankful that she has walked into my life. I know she is missed by members of the YMCA.

Recently I was informed that Kevin Bolding, the District Vice President/Branch Executive of the YMCA is leaving this week. Kevin has been my “go to” man from the very beginning. He always made himself accessible to me and responded to my concerns. During the summer when I found that the locker rooms were intolerable for those of us who had to shower and dress at the Y before going to work, Kevin immediately moved forward and had fans installed. If I had a complaint, I could go to him and expect to receive a follow-up. If I had a complement, I knew he would get it to the correct set of ears. Kevin was one of my cheerleaders on this great journey of mine to become healthy. He is taking a position with the YMCA in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Although I wish him the best of luck, I will miss Kevin. He was a great asset to the Miami YMCA. I am so thankful to him for walking into my life.

The YMCA is a great organization that has affected me physically and emotionally. The recruits, trainers and staff have given me so much. I am sad that some people are walking out of my life, but look forward to new people who may enter.

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