Thursday, June 4, 2009


Every Boot Camper Deserves a Day of Pampering!

For Mother’s Day, I asked my daughter, Debi, to attend a workshop with me on the Saturday before Mother’s Day at the YMCA. It was a special Mother/Daughter workshop put on by Oshun Marcella, one of the trainers in the Boot Camp. My daughter told me to also sign up my niece as she wanted to attend with us. I thought that was a little weird as my niece is so busy but hey, I know I’m her favorite Tia (Aunt)! I signed up that Wednesday and we were set.

That Friday evening, I was sitting watching TV with my husband and to my surprise, my daughter, Jessie, walked in the house. Jessie just got married last month and lives in Tampa. I was so thrilled that she came to visit for Mother’s Day. Little did I know that this was planned by my family and Jessie would be attending the workshop with us, and my niece was just an excuse!

Jessie heard me telling my husband that I needed new sneakers for Boot Camp as my old ones were already worn out. She decided to get on the internet as she told me that I needed to go to a store where I would run on a treadmill while they video you and decide what shoe you need, “gait analysis”, a new term for the old lady. She found a store in Miami and decided we would go there Saturday and that would be my Mother’s Day gift.

Saturday morning arrived and we went to the YMCA and spent the morning learning about more natural ways to beautify ourselves naturally. Waxing, massage, natural oils and healthy food were some of the things discussed and we left with our stomachs full and a goodie bag. I have attended several of Oshun’s workshops and it is a shame that more people aren’t aware of her workshops and how great they are. She also puts on a Healthy Eating Workshop and a Healthy Snacking Workshop. In fact, there is a Healthy Snacking Workshop on Saturday, May 23rd at 9:00 a.m. at the YMCA and I believe that anyone can attend it for $5.00. It will be the best $5.00 you spend! Guaranteed!

After the workshop, the girls and I headed up to a store called Runner’s High. Now at that point, I began to get that “fat lady feeling” in my gut and secretly start to panic. They are taking me to a store for athletes. I told my daughter, “Hello…have you looked at your mother lately? I’m no athlete.” Jessie and Debi assured me that this is where I had to go.

As we walked into the store, I saw the dreaded treadmill right at the front door. Oh great. Panic sets in as I realize that I’ll be on display in the window. That will certainly stop some traffic! As I looked around, there were about 8 people already in the store. Of course, my brain was instantly using its FLSC (Fat Lady Scanning Capability) and realized that no one in that store had an ounce of fat on them as they all looked like they have been running for years and here I am still working on breathing and running at the same time! I was getting really nervous and wondered if everyone was looking at me and wondering what the fat lady was doing inside the runner’s store. Then I realized that they would think I was just there with my daughter who was getting shoes….she looks like a runner.

Next! The salesman, Byron Kibort, called on us. He asked how he could help us and my daughter explained that I was in a Boot Camp and needed a good pair of sneakers. I held my breath and waited for him to burst out laughing but instead he asked what kind of exercises I was doing and I explained! I have to tell you that my stomach immediately unknotted and I became very comfortable with Byron. I even flexed my muscles for him! He tried numerous pairs of shoes on me and some he decided he just didn’t like the way they fit and that was it. Although others were waiting, there was no hurry and he made me feel like I truly deserved to be there and that I was special. Once we narrowed it down, Byron put me on the treadmill in the front of the store. Even more surprising, Byron made me so comfortable that I did not even realize that I was in the front window running! After that we tried one more pair of shoes and one more trip to the treadmill, we had a winner. A few pairs of socks along with the new shoes and a thank you to Byron for making me feel comfortable and we were out the door. I will confidently visit Runner’s High again.

In closing, as I type this issue of my Boot Camp series, I have noticed a thread running through my experiences. I never feel like I deserve to be treated like a normal person. My year’s as an obese woman have clouded my thinking and made me feel unworthy. The YMCA Boot Camp experience seems to be slowly opening up my eyes to new ways of thinking. Boot Camp is not just a physical experience.

I am a recruit in the YMCA Boot Camp and maybe…just maybe….I deserve to be there?

Please look for the next article in this series to follow shortly.

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